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The Philosophical Theory of the Healthy Lifestyle
Кострица Е.И., кандидат культурологии

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E.I. Kostritsa, Candidate of Culture Study



Every person, leading the wrong lifestyle and adapting unhealthy habits by the age of twenty to thirty years, leads to the catastrophic condition and even at that time recalls of the curative value of medicine. Despite medicine, being perfect it can’t set anybody from all the diseases. A human being is a creator of personal health, for which it is obligatory to fight. From the early age it is necessary to lead the active, healthy lifestyle, making the body healthy, dealing with physical culture and sport, observing the rules of personal hygiene, hence, in a word, gaining the authentic health harmony by the reasonable ways.

The formation of the theory of the healthy lifestyle possesses long lasting history being prolonged for many years. It reflects the knowledge system, being collected and concentrated for the definite stage in the specialized scientific disciplines: in medicine, in physical education and sport, in pedagogy and in sociology. If the generalization of the practical experience was primarily made before, these were the results of the specialized investigations in creating research methods of cognition of the theory of the healthy lifestyle. The ideas of the leading of the healthy lifestyle, preservation of personal health and prolonging of the active longevity and health strengthening put their roots deeply in the bottom of the centuries. “Nothing destroys and ruins the human body like long-lasting physical inactivity” (Aristotle). All these studies, expressed earlier were regarded, collected and sent from the one generation to the other. Applying the works, collected in the course of the centuries, modern scholars regarded and introduced their technologies. The following contemporary scholars were engaged with introduction of the healthy lifestyle among the student youth into practice: N.M. Amosov, G.D. Ivanov, E.B. Omarov, U.S. Marchubaeva, Zh.B. Zhanbosinova, V.A. Golovin, V.A. Maslyakov, A.V. Korobkova, L.N. Gumeleva, Yu.I. Kurpan, V.G. Chernomirdin, A.K. Alekperova, V.I. Philinkov, R.T. Raevsky, P.G. Dmitrieva, N.A. Tsunchenock, R.A. Yanson, I.T. Eglite and P.G. Ozolin. These authors and other authors of many books and publications pay particular attention to physical development, methodology of the healthy lifestyle with the students of various specialties.

This article deals with determination and revealing criteria of the healthy lifestyle of the student youth; depiction of the positive effect of leading the healthy lifestyle and its positive effect on the psychological-physiologic condition of the student.

Physical health is the condition of physical, spiritual and social wealth, as the most important component success. This is the basic characteristic feature of the productive force, public property, possessing material and spiritual value. However, we rarely reflect of the prevention of ailments and diseases, particularly if there is no discovering of the symptoms of the disease, and there are no painful sensations. Unfortunately, many people and young people, in particular, start thinking of their health when it is seriously impaired. But when it occurs, everything will seem to be empty and slightly significant on this background.

Therefore, it is necessary to think of preserving health, working ability and active living for complete life for many years. One of the main principles of preserving health, physical activity, appropriate psychological-physical condition of student youth is leading the healthy lifestyle. The healthy lifestyle is the lifestyle, being based not only on the moral principles. The healthy lifestyle, being performed correctly and realizing all of its components, protects the body against the unfavourable influence on the environment.

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Кострица Е.И., кандидат культурологии The Philosophical Theory of the Healthy Lifestyle // Научный электронный архив.
URL: http://econf.rae.ru/article/7973 (дата обращения: 25.05.2019).

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