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Russia and the West: Vital Interaction between Cultural Environment and Linguistic Thinking
Кострица Е.И.

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Кострица Е.И.

Читинская государственная медицинская академия

Чита, Забайкальский край, Россия

Cultural authenticity of Russia is known to be the item of the global transformation capable of restoring the world due to the request of modernity. The general vision of the cultural prosperity is concealed in the concept of its rapid development. The appropriate contrast between cultural environment and linguistic thinking is taken into consideration for revealing the suitable parameters for the mental readjustment found in the world. Cultural environment, being the contradictory field of the social system, is directed to the remarkable aspect of the cultural mobility. The variation of this mobility is referred to the significant trait of cultural growth as the marker of the present alteration. Cultural environment of the contemporary epoch is hidden under the social system, the economic organization, the anthropological essence and the aesthetic value. The social system regulates and coordinates the activity of the society as the institution capable of creating the valid model of reality. The economic organization involves the financial tasks and the political points. The anthropological essence determines the position of each individual in the global system. The aesthetic value is the pointer of the harmony recognition in the global and local structures.

Cultural environment serves the purpose of systematic exploration of the Russian influence upon the Eastern ideology by means of the direct and direct depiction of the morality and the mentality. The interconnection between cultural environment and linguistic thinking is known to be the basis of the mental status. Every individual gets concentrated upon valuable issues significant for his (her) mental growth and development. Finally, there appears to be the bleach between the society and the certain individual which is to be replenished and filled by means of profound and detailed revealing of the individual significance in the whole world. The cultural and linguistic phenomena are to be registered in this case. The cultural phenomena defend the purity the cultural fund, while the linguistic phenomena broaden the language potential. The Russian language has been considerably devastated due to its filling with the English borrowings, which have not only immeasurably enriched its lexical essence, but have also accomplished the task of its linguistic decreasing, leading to the national identity loss.

Linguistic thinking has been greatly destroyed in its function as the actual vision of the language transformation has been based upon the lexical crisis. The following crisis is the response to the active vocabulary filling. The tendency direction is performed in the certain areas, like the youth environment, the cultural environment and the intellectual basis. Youth slang is found in the youth environment, this leads to the mental readjustment and the educational reform, causing the essence loss of many classical models of the Russian language. The cultural environment possesses the profound and broad representation. The branch issues can be determined by means of accurate defining of the lexical, grammatical and graphic transformation in the linguistic status. The lexical transformation is discovered in the adequate changing in the composition of topical and active vocabulary. The grammatical filling of the Russian language is being directed to the simplicity orientation, settled in the language sphere. The graphic essence of the Russian language is being significantly distorted due to the negative linguistic effect of the English language. The English language has led to the obsolete identification of the certain constant items, concerning the grammatical structure of the Russian language.

The common and general categories of the English language are being crucially transformed due to the broad evaluation of the grammatical filling of Russian. The appropriate contrast reciting can be undertaken in the reference to the Russian-English discrepancy, which consists of the detailed data. This data is based upon the complex scientific approach to the significant linguistic specificities of English in its correlation to Russian. The discovery of Russia due to the East position is demonstrative in the respect to its national traits, social signs and peculiarities. Russia has obtained the intermediate position in the global economy, thus leading to its productive transformation, therefore, Russia may cause the fluctuation reciting of the social status of the definite state system.

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