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Actual Entity of Lexical Essence: Letter Writing
Кострица Е.И.

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E.I. Kostritsa, Candidate of Culture Study



We live in the technologically supported world, where personal contacts are frequently substituted by means of communication through fax, e-mail, phone, SMS (short messages) and many various types of communication. For this short period of digital communication the particular language and the certain format, which come for facial expression, gestures and voice volume, being used in “living” communication for expressing the attitude to the conversationalist, has been formed. This etiquette of the common types is not only the marker of personal competence in the given field, but it may be profitable in several situations.

Nowadays it is not efficient to get addressed to the person as “Dear Comrade”. Today we must know the structure and the style of the letter. In accordance with the sphere of activity and the status of our respondent they will be transformed. For the example, you will not have to inform your friend of the opening of a new sport club and to congratulate the colleague having gone on pension through the memorandum (the service note), you will select some more appropriate format. By the way, we communicate not only with our friends, but also with business partners and the letter purpose may be not only the congratulation on the statement of news, as well as gratitude, request or settlement of the meeting. All these letters require particular formation.

More often we encounter such alien words as “Resumé” and “Letter of Recommendation” in the announcements of the open vacancies. What is this? How should one write them for them to assist you in gaining the desired vacancy? How should all this be done in case of fax-sending? Despite of the fact, that this word is more familiar to us, the problem of fax formation and its formation beginning frequently appears. The correspondence with the principal goes afterwards. In the other situation you may be regarded as the principal, in front of whom the task of finding the appropriate worker is set. You will have to perform not only the personal meeting, but also the informing of the applicant of his (or her) decision: the invitation for the interview, the job gaining or the refusal. By the way, there exist some clients, workers and colleagues, to whom it is necessary to write the service note, the congratulation, or simply to respond the letter.

Despite the fact, that the age of letters, written at hand has passed by, and the ball pen is the inevitable component of the letter appearance process, the sheet of paper still occupies the principal place in the letter world. If the paper choice was not great before, paper was generally grey, there is enormous diversity of production at high quality today. Much depends upon the quality of the sheet, on which you will write your letter. First of all, you will wish to write more carefully (if the letter is written by hand) and free from misprints. Second of all, it will be pleasant for the respondent to keep paper being smooth, nice for touching. Third of all, paper is your letter clothing, therefore it should not be pressed, dirty or of poor quality.

Of course, it’s better to possess one’s personal “firm” letter form, particularly, if you are the jurisdiction representative. As a rule, the firm emblem is demonstrated on such forms, the firm full name, its phone, fax, e-mail and bank data are set, as well. Firms, possessing departments in various cities and countries, put their department list, sometimes including addresses into the letter.

As for the envelopes, it’s better to possess one’s own envelopes, on which the same data, coinciding with the letter form are settled in a bit compressed form. One may be limited by the standard envelope, which is suggested by the post-office, but the usage of original envelopes will increase the prestige of your firm in the eyes of the foreign partner, as well as, it will evade you from the necessity of writing the return address constantly.

The requirement for the private representative is not so severe by sure. It is worth of selecting the corresponding envelope from that diversity, which we regard on the surface.

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